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I'm Melanie Rodel, Born in 1980, a versatile artist and globetrotter. My art tells stories of nature and human expression, merging light and shadow to engage the senses and ignite the imagination.

In a world shaped by form and structure, my art is an expression of the freedom of creativity, a lifestyle I live and breathe. Nature and humanity are not only my inspiration but also my teachers. The organic forms of nature and the complexity of human emotions reflect in my works. Light and shadow create a unique intensity, drawing the viewer into a world of emotions.

Fireflies are a recurring element, symbolizing the poetry of everyday life and the magic in the small things. They create a fairytale atmosphere that stimulates the imagination and connects to the inner fantasy world of the observer.
Music, too, is a key source of inspiration, making my works even more powerful.

My creativity knows no bounds. My works span various media, including canvas, paper, wood, clay, and the human body, a spirit of experimentation that reveals my deep connection to art and my willingness to transcend conventions.

Though based in Bern, I am an artist with a nomadic spirit. My travels have broadened my artistic horizons, enriching my works with a global flair. This cosmopolitan perspective imparts a universal depth to my creations.

In an art world often influenced by formal education paths, I stand as proof that passion, ingenuity, and the ability to draw inspiration from the world around us are equally valuable.
My works encourage seeing the world with open eyes and an open heart.

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