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Princess Line 

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Welcome to Princess Line Fine Art Fingerpicks! 

Immerse yourself in the world of music with our exquisite ProPick fingerpicks adorned with Swarovski. As passionate musicians, we understand how crucial every detail is to perfect your sound.
My fingerpicks are not just accessories but also an expression of your musical personality. The sparkling Swarovski elements add a regal touch to every performance.
Whether you play the banjo, guitar, or Dobro, Princess Line Fine Art Fingerpicks are the ideal choice for female* musicians who prioritize style and quality.

Take your performance to new heights and let your fingers glide over the strings – with a touch of elegance and glamour.
Discover the harmonious blend of art and music with Princess Line Fine Art Fingerpicks – where creativity and brilliance converge! 

Each FineArt Fingerpick is handmade and unique. Minor variations from the pictures are normal. Every individual FineArt Fingerpick is carefully crafted.

If you'd like the fingerpick in a different color, feel free to message me.

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